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Tips to Improve Your Yard

Granite City Sod & Landscaping in Saint Cloud, MN is your go-to destination for exceptional landscaping. We stand behind our quality work by offering warranties. Our expert team is available 7 days a week to accommodate your busy schedule.
Here at Granite City Sod & Landscaping in Saint Cloud, MN, we don't just stop at landscaping, lawn care and snow removal. We also provide you with helpful tips to maintain your yard. Take a look at our maintenance tips to keep your outdoor space in perfect condition.
Watering Tip - Pull back a corner of the sod and push a screwdriver or other sharp object into the soil. It should have moisture on the first 4-6 inches. If it is still dry, apply more water. Make sure the whole lawn is receiving water. Areas that are typically missed are corners and edges of property.

Mowing Tip
- Mowing can be done approximately 2 weeks after installation depending on weather. To check if it is ready, tug back on a piece of sod. If it requires effort to remove it is ready to be cut. When cutting for the first time, take it slow and raise mower deck to one of the highest settings, then lowering it each cut after that.
Watering the Garden — Maintenance Tips in Saint Cloud, MN

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